Be kind, don’t wait. 

As the news has filtered through over the past 24 hours about the death of George Michael.  The media coverage,  the announcements of just what an amazing human being he was, kind and giving.  Of course his talent, he may not have been to everyone’s liking but he was still well loved.  

Anyway my point.  Over this guy’s lifetime, famous or not, people… The papers, general public didn’t see far past the life style he had or of his sexuality and as years have moved forward all stigmas remained, yet now after he has passed away the good things about his life, the wonderful things are now being announced, the media, the public who berated him are focusing on this man’s kind soul.  

This isn’t how it should be,  in celebrities, in everyday people like me.  People are too quick to judge, to give an opinion on the bad things in people’s lives.  But if a person does something good it’s often easily forgotten, it shouldn’t be.  Life is far too short, which 2016 has proven, nobody is immune from death or grief.  

Mistakes can be life changing and hard to forget or miniscule and probably should be forgotten.  

I think,  we all need to look for the good in people whilst they’re still alive,  be kind to everyone we meet.  Be remembered in life and not just in death.  Apologies or compliments are no use to anyone once we’re gone.  

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