Barn Dance Publicity Part One



In May 2016 Chard Baby Loss Group, Little Daffodils (Previously Melody’s Voices) was born, as part of a community project by At St Mary’s and local midwife Becky Scott, the  group, which I had been putting together for a while, having supported other parents online I was given the opportunity for the group to launch into something that Chard was missing. Something I wished had been available to me, to us when our daughter died, but of course there was nothing in our town. For me this is just a tiny step of the many things I’d like to change. As they say “One day at a time”.

Little Daffodils is currently meeting at Eleos Cafe due to darker evenings, but will be setting up a play session for parents and children, At St Mary’s but due to illness I’ve had to postpone the original date for now..


At the launch of the group the local Mayor came to show his support, where he offered as part of his budget to let us hold an event at The Guildhall in Chard…


The Barn Dance was then born.

We’d been hoping to have held the event back in October for Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month, but unfortunately it wasn’t to happen, but instead we were able to hold a coffee morning and a table top sale to help raise funds to continue with our event, which is now being held the weekend of our daughter’s 5th birthday. 

I won’t lie it has all been a real slow burner.

But with so few of us, we’re doing amazingly.


(We’ve not needed too many of these either!)

Julz (Me-Hi!) and Tracy Coath of Little Daffodils teamed up with two Chard mums Gemma Green and Samantha Field, as well as the husbands who have helped, we are really turning this event around.



(The Crazy Trio)


What we’d like is to sell as many Barn Dance Tickets as we can (well, as many as we can fit in the hall).

Raise the awareness that all the beautiful babies, born too soon, or children too sick to stay matter, their parents deserve the support which Towards Tomorrow Together (who support Little Daffodils) offer.

The Tickets are available at Eleos cafe, or via the event page here.

We’re incredibly grateful to Eleos for their continued support, especially when at times it felt like there was very little. And of course At St Mary’s projects. 

In roughly 10 days we will have raffle tickets for sale too, I’ll share with you in part two just a few of the amazing prizes we have to offer. With so little time, we have been incredibly lucky to have had the donations we have.

I have done fundraising for infant loss in the past, I know from experience and from speaking to others who have done similar how difficult it can be to get the word across for this type of Charity.

But today, right now it feels like there is a voice and it is being heard.

So, if you have gotten this far, thank you.

This is our Part One. Our introduction. Today is 5 weeks until the big night. It would be great to see you there, to support such a worthy cause, who helps so many families even those who fall silent.



Hope to see you there..

To Be Continued…

The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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