January Part Three 

​We’re getting better, well at least at leaving the house.  

Had our first Majorette Committee meeting, which was a great start to our year. Events,  competitions all coming our way.  Watch this space.  

Thursday,  as well as being hubby’s birthday it unfortunately brought a complete relapse of this crazy-long virus,  my whole body hurt, fever, the cough (of course),  just feeling whacked out,so much so I’d had to ask a friend to collect two of my children from school,  that was until my husband finished work early instead.  For the next 24 hours I felt a complete mess,crying feverish mess,   even thought my daughter’s cuddly toy was laughing at me in the middle of the night..of course that wasn’t so was it? 

Creepy little shit.. 

Instead of spoiling the Mr on his birthday, he was once again taking care of me.  As I have said before, I’m very lucky.  

I never want to feel that rough again..  

Saturday arrived with plans, I felt a lot more human, which I was glad for as I was able to go to Bingo with my Mum In Law and relative, we won absolutely nothing, but it was so nice to go out, relations with my own Mum is somewhat difficult,  (I’m not replacing or what ever people may take this as), but it was just nice to do something like that with her.  We’re going again, and very excited too. 

Braved a walk to the shops today, not felt like walking in what feels like forever,  it wasn’t far but did feel a little off (this virus really has knocked the shot out of me), but it was so nice to go out walking, both girls walked most of the way there and back.  

This included a number of tantrums too, mainly because she wasn’t allowed to carry the shopping bag home, as well as a brief visit to the park, and their fascination of the post box, although they do match it..  

I think it did us the world of good.  Love how close these guys are.  

My biggies went to their dad’s a day early this week, I’ll get them back a day early. 

As always I miss them.  But know they’re having a great time no doubt.  


Okay, so they’re not out in bloom,  but they’re in our house a sign of our girl, a countdown to the months, the time that we know she existed with us, albeit the short weeks.  The Social Media Time Hops where she is mentioned in happier memories, like wiggly bump stories of her siblings getting squeamish at the sight of my moving tummy.  


That’s Part Three of January.  

February will soon be here.  The knots have begun a bit earlier this year.  
The Wet Wipe Diaries. 

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