February Part One 

First trip out to Soft Play Shakees in Taunton.  It’s a small and fairly quiet place…Bearable.  

The three year old was so excited, had been asking daily for a week.  There was the obligatory little shit that comes with soft play (my children are far from the goodie two shoes, I’ll get that bit in).  A boy of about 3 smacks a toy shopping basket into Ks mouth, it left a mark but luckily didn’t draw blood.  He then tried to steal the bike she was playing with I stopped him the first time but the second time he won.  

 K managed to stay away from him.  C.. 19month old C then had the unoccupied bike, wheeling around, she was enjoying herself, the same boy decided he wanted to play with it again, attempted to snatch it back, only he met his match,  she screamed in his face babbles loudly in only words she could understand (swearing no doubt), and refused to let go of the bike.  Wasn’t until K stepped in and took her away did the boy win the bike.  Was hilarious to see this tiny little girl standing up to this boy.  Good girl! 

Trip to Sainsbury’s brought epic tantrums for the littlest two which continued in the car, big brother laughing at the crazy women in his life.. 

Baby and Daddy cuddles reminds me very much of the first few photos of him and his girls in hospital.  She’s sparko, but wasn’t for long. 

Promotional trip around town taking photos and raising awareness of the baby loss group I set up.. Little Daffodils, popped into the cafe who have been amazingly helpful in hosting various tickets, so we had a sneaky drink. 

And cake..  The cafe was voted best in the South West and rightly so.  

Our hopeful first lot of “garden”  daffodils, waiting for them to bloom so we can transfer.  

Love Daffodils 

Bit more of an interesting week than illness, although this bloody cough still lingers..  
The Wet Wipe Diaries

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