Barn Dance Raffle Take Seven

The days are edging closer to our big event, it is coming around really quickly.  For me it isn’t just counting the days until the event, but the day after is our little girl’s ‘would have been’ 5th birthday.  It really is quite significant for us.  If any of you follow you’ll see it hasn’t been particularly easy this year.  There have been days where I’ve really regretted having a big event so close to her birthday.  

25th February is very much part of her story, we had visited Special Care and was told we’d have about 2 weeks until delivery, she was born the next day,  this year being the same day of the week as it was back then,  so is pinching somewhat.. Anyway to read more of her journey see melly belly and me. 

Back to the prizes  

We’ve had a fantastic response not only for donations but of people buying too, so not to forget you guys I would like to say a huge thank you. To you it may only be a minimum of £1 but it’ll go towards some important aftercare for families who lose their babies.  

We have a beautiful little trinket box very kindly donated by Gordon Stoker’s in Chard.  Stunning piece to finish off a dressing table or pay it forward as a Christening gift.  

Beautiful.  Thank you.  

Next to it is a £25 Sainsbury’s gift card given to us by Saville and Andrews Estate Agents.  A lovely prize for any winner!  

A box of Thornton’s from Andrew Green husband of Gemma lovely prize for any chocolate fans!  

Thank you 

The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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