Barn Dance and Raffle Take Eight 

15 days to go.  Really will be here before we know it.  

I decided to blog our progress as an easier route to publicise, it’s been really successful, I’ve enjoyed doing it, I can get a bit more awareness out there. 

We had a group meet this week, subjects came about support, or the lack of it,particularly in our region.  It is incredibly sad how it differs around the country,  others have it far better, also many have it far worse. That isn’t the way it should be.  All parents within this community have all been told in one way or another that their baby won’t survive,yet nearly every single person’s support has been different.  When I approached Mel of Towards Tomorrow Together about setting up a group in Chard (I was fearful of doing it alone), she of course was amazing, but it was a step to change. To raise money for this charity will indeed help this support, and even research for hospitals, to have better understanding in dealing with bereaved parents.  That all parents leaving the hospital without their baby should be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve, all babies matter. 

Once again I am here to entice you good people into buying an event ticket or a raffle ticket,  or simply a donation.  We do still have bunting available for little ones taken far too soon.  A way of remembering them.  And to raise awareness. 

We have a lovely accessory scarf kindly donated by Dove Tails.  Lovely shop in the middle of Chard, which is a home to many smaller businesses. Definitely worth a visit. 

Thank you. 

Sarah Hodge Voucher.  Hairdressers which has been in Chard many years, we’re very grateful for this donation, it could be yours for a £1 raffle ticket.  

Lastly in this photo is another Dove Tails donation lovely bag, perfect for that special evening occasion.  Dove Tails are also one of our homes to our raffle tickets, pop in and see their wonderful offerings and grab yourself a raffle ticket. 

Thank you.  

There is still more to come. 
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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