Barn Dance and Raffle Take Nine 

14 days to go.  Barn Dance Tickets are still available.  We’d love it if they could all be sold!  All proceeds go to helping families come to terms with the death of their baby. 

Including Dads.  A lot of focus is on Mums but of course Dads lose their children too.  But not only their child, but watch their partners break before them and have no control over anything that is happening,whilst they’re breaking themselves too.  They get forgotten, I’ve seen it in forums, quite a few where dads have been asked to leave, or been told it is no place for them.  

It is wrong.  

We accept anyone, welcome with open arms to give support to anyone who needs it, nobody should ever feel alone.  

So by purchasing a Barn Dance and/or raffle ticket you are helping us to achieve what we’re setting out to do, supporting and aftercare.  

With some fantastic prizes 

We’ve a £5 off voucher from The Walk In Hair Salon here in Chard.  

Great to have their support.  

Thank you. 

A bottle of White donated by the lovely Debbie O Dea,  perfect for a night in with friends, or for the start of the night.  
Thank you for your kindness. 

A fabulous Body Shop Goodie bag with many creams and lotions,  with the bottle of wine you could win and this if your luck is really in, make a perfect pamper session. 

Thank you to Tash Manning for your kind contribution. 
Yes we still have a few more to go! 

(we still have prizes arriving!) 
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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