Barn Dance and Raffle Take Eleven 

We’re nearly there, such an amazing response in donations and ticket sales, we’ve not many left!  There are also not many days to purchase tickets.  

We’re so close to the finishing line.  4 of us completing a coffee morning, and table top sale, all in Aid of raising awareness for such a wonderful charity.  Four plus our long suffering husbands, I think we could possibly nail this.  It has been bloody hard work, certainly not an easy task.  But we’re here, we’re days away from our Main Event.  

Even if we don’t nail this, we have achieved what we have with so few of us.  That is amazing.  

Still have a few more prizes to show you. 

You still have a chance at winning for only £1 a ticket! 🎫 

Fantastic day ticket for this great centre,  perfect for the train enthusiasts out there.  

They’ve a collection of steam and diesel trains,  carriages and trucks.  Model exhibits too.  We’re really pleased with this prizes, and really hope whoever wins can make perfect memories.  

Thank you.  

Next we have 

An Ear Piercing voucher courtesy of Silver Cross Body Piercing.  Great prize from another local business.  
Next is a stunning piece of art from Mosaics By Lucy who creates art from recycled china. As you can see this pig is actually one of many, many designs she does.  She has a Facebook page and can be found in Dove Tails, located in Chard.  

Thank you. 

Finally in this photo is a Razooks voucher.  Stylish local hairdressers, who has done wonderfully during their time in Chard.  Kind and friendly people.  One lady, Michelle, who I went to school with, took the time out of her busy day and came to our little girl’s celebration.  So many said they would, so many didn’t.  We were incredibly touched that she came to show her love rather than written word.  On a day from hell it meant so much to have people there.  

Thank you.  
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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