Barn Dance and Raffle Take Twelve 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Five years ago today I was pregnant with our daughter and it was the first day it started to properly go wrong.

I was diagnosed with early Pre-Eclampsia.  It was a waiting game of how long I could stay home.  It was meant to be our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple instead I was in hospital, having numerous tests and feeling quite scared.  Little did we know she’d be born just 12 days later at 26 (+6)weeks,born because I developed HELLP syndrome,  where she stayed and played for 5 precious weeks.

As you are aware we’re fundraising for Towards Tomorrow Together, as well as the Butterfly Boxes and vocal support for families there’s the raising awareness of maybe why they died.

Currently in the early stages of setting up an awareness session for local professionals to come along and hear  bereaved parents perspectives, get some thoughts out there,  particularly where there are sadly still so many out there who have a short timescale on grief, expect families to move on, and if they haven’t then the parents are obviously either not well or normal, this attitude is incorrect.

Having spoken to local health visitors, midwife, vicar, funeral directors, florist they’re all very much on board with what I’d like to achieve.

This is what it is all about to make parent’s lives easier; gentler.

Yet another reason why this Charity is so important for so many families.

Here we have a surprise raffle donation, this mega “Rainy Day” Children’s hamper. Complete with a water proof beach bag. Donated by a couple I met through my Children’s Majorette Team, when their daughter was a member, but now Ley is our driver (handy man too) and Zeph is on the Committee Team; they will make up part of the team for a fundraiser coming up in August too.

Thank you guys, great prize.


We have this lovely chair made especially and donated to us by Joy of Dove Tails in Chard.


Dove Tails collectively have been really kind in all the things they have put into our Raffle, we’re touched to know people care enough to put thought into the things they do donate.

Dove Tails are one of the homes to our raffle tickets, pop along and see what they have to offer, whilst you buy a ticket or two.

Thank you for the donation


And thank you for reading.


The Wet Wipe Diaries.

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