Barn Dance and Raffle Take Sixteen

Six day until our great fundraising event.  In aid of a fantastic cause.  

Barn Dance featuring Ivor Hyde with a ploughman’s supper.  We’ve also our epic raffle taking place during the evening.  
Today’s prize reveal includes 

The Big Sheep tickets, which as you can see are worth £27.

This is a fantastic prize, at a location suitable for the whole family,  set in beautiful North Devon.  The perfect day out. 

Thank you. 

Next we have 

Tickets to our very own cinema here in Chard.  Showings are held in the guildhall, these tickets will entitle the winner to see March screening of Bridget Jones’ Baby.  I’ve yet to see this film, but have heard it is hilarious.  Stars the lovely McDreamy (GA fans will know..😉). 

Thank you. 

We’ve little raffle tickets left.  So get yours before they’re gone.  
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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