February Round Up Two

February Half Term

Today we have reached 2017’s 50th day. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been sharing a photograph a day, head over and see..

Day 50 of 2017 already!

Well, this one really should have been Round up Three. But Take two would have just been a report of sickness and poorly children.

All but baby C took to having sickness of some kind on the week before half term. Each having days off. I wasn’t well –  still and although the Mister escaped actual sickness and stomach flu, he too was under the weather.

Towards the end of that week, the seven week long (well for me) virus, finally faded. The Mister felt better and was able to collect raffle prizes for our event at the end of the month.

As you can see Round Two on its own would have been just as shit as the earlier weeks.

I’d wanted so much to leap into 2017 with the blog instead, tripped, stumbled and sneezed my way into the New Year.

I did manage an evening with this lovely lady.


Majorette errand, meant a few drinks, giggles and a flat car battery (her husband was DES).



This week  saw Valentine’s Day, so many moan about it is so commercialized, (History of Valentine’s) and if we love the person then you don’t need Valentine’s to do it. Well, step aside while the rest of us enjoy opening a parcel or two. No we don’t “need” a day, it is just nice, we can’t afford to spoil each other every day, like people would have you believe, so it is a good excuse to do so. I like spoiling my husband.. As he does me.

He brought me a Sloth!

He took the day off from work, but of course it wasn’t to be the romantic meal for two.


It involved a trip to soft play (In Half Term? Yeah, I know crazy, crazy people!)

We stopped in for lunch at the Bell in Yeovil, part of the hungry horse chain.

Nice food, but still no dairy free pudding! Disappointing.

Still, was a lovely day.

An outing friends took us to National Trust property, Barrington Court in Somerset.

No matter how many times we go to these places, we-they never seem to tire of the adventures there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see by the final photo, getting them all to sit nicely for a photo, is like nailing jelly to a tree..

We’d brought a lovely dress for this one from a charity shop, little something to boost her birthday pile.

The mistake being she was with us when I brought it, so she did  wear briefly, then Daddy took it away, and has hidden it well. The next day she wanted to wear it again, we said no, then attempted to find the bloody thing until I said that actually Daddy has worn it to work.

This was her response



It was very loud. She still believes days later that Daddy has now lost the dress at work.

Naughty Daddy..(Unfortunately I don’t have photographic evidence).

Saturday surprised us with reasonably nice weather, so took an impromptu visit to the beach, although it was chillier at the coast.

There’s a lovely new park in Seaton, I say new it’s refurbished and has probably been there a while.. But it is clean, tidy all equipment looked well looked after.

(Same goes for Seaton’s other park actually).

We took a short walk along the sea front, it was really lovely to take in some sea air. Hopefully it won’t be long until it’ll be a lot warmer, for longer days out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we returned home the three year old, stated

“I had a wonderful time”.


Stunning Beach.

Today, being the day before school was to sort School things out, then take the big ones to their Dad’s for a few days.

Not before a bit of camera fun at home.

Baby C, who has actually shot up suddenly over night, is turning into a right little comedian. There is never a dull moment, and she is following in her Drama Queen Sister’s footsteps.

Once the big ones had been dropped off, we snuck off and had a McDonald’s

Diet begins tomorrow.


I’ve been okay, mostly in the run up to her birthday, there have been days where it has felt heavy, but I’ve managed to talk it out to hubby or my friend from afar (fellow loss mama), dance it out or basically just grump it out.

Today, it dawned on me emotionally that a week from today it should have been her birthday. A living room full of presents and cards.

But instead it is a quick shop for a balloon next Saturday and a cake she’ll never eat.

It is wrong, on so many levels, I hate this.

The tears suddenly from nowhere appeared, was brief as I contained them, but the sadness of not being able to do anything “proper” for her birthday next week.

I know there are those who think why bother, M won’t know she is dead.

But we do. Don’t judge what you don’t understand.

Feel lucky that you don’t.

Five years ago today, I’d been to hospital twice the first time was to have a half day ‘MOT’, I was sent home only to return with regular contractions. Thankfully they had stopped.

I remember everything, just not everything about her…

If you follow mellybellyandme.blogspot.co.uk, you’ll already know how shitty I feel this time of year.

Right now I want to shut myself away.


I’m out..

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