Barn Dance and Raffle Take Seventeen

I can’t believe there are only five days to go, though if I’m honest I’m not really thinking too much about the Barn Dance, more for the weeks ahead. Being our little girl’s birthday less than a week away, it is for us as her family an obvious hole, where we’re not doing last minute preparation, like other families would be when leading to a birthday, well like we do with her siblings.  

I’ve had such wonderful support from my online friends, well I say it again, they’re more than just online friends,  this past week, and I know they’ll be holding tight this next week and some too.  

This is indeed why a face to face group, one to one, communication is so important to parents who’ve lost their children,  when hope was taken, the road is long,  that there’s a friendly understanding face waiting to hold you up, while you pause for a moment to gather your thoughts and learn to breathe.  

Towards Tomorrow Together who support Little Daffodils who hold monthly meetings are such a fantastic cause, one day I hope no-one will feel alone.  
I’m here again to entice you for more tickets.  

We really don’t have many left.  I’d really like to see the back of them…  

We have 

Pure Hair and Beauty voucher, which entitles the winner to a back, next and shoulder massage.  

Perfect for the hard working people of Chard and surrounding areas.  A moment to relax, and be pampered. 

Thank you. 
Next we have 

A £10 voucher for Country Butchers of Holyrood Street,  a generous donation, at perfect timing ready for any Easter meats or for the promised heatwave that is on its way, get the BBQ meats from your very own local butchers. 

Thank you. 

Nearly there! 

The Wet Wipe Diaries. 

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