I am the Mum. 

There was an article recently about parents, Mums who look at their phones too much in the playground.  

I am one of those Mums.  

I don’t miss their faces as they leave the class rooms, I see them smile at me as they leave their day behind. 

I’m the Mum who hides behind her screen, I’m a little on the shy side.  But I’ve heard the whispers, seen the avoidances.  

I’m the Mum with social anxiety which plays a part. I’m awkward. 

I’m the Mum that doesn’t always get an invite for a cuppa or to be part of the conversation.  

I’m the Mum who feels incredibly lonely in the playground. 

My phone makes me feel less alone. 

I’m the Mum who doesn’t make friends easily.  The one who wants to be your friend but doesn’t know how.  

I’m the Mum who is simply misunderstood and is actually really nice. 

Who just wants a natter and a cuppa. 

So don’t judge the Mums with the phones, speak to us instead. 

You may gain a friend.    
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

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