Barn Dance and Raffle Take Eighteen!

We have as little as four days until our Charity Barn Dance and “epic” raffle.

We have managed to raise a lot of awareness with our publicity, which as a new community group in Chard it has been really worth while.

As a Charity, Towards Tomorrow Together is such a fantastic cause, and certainly deserves the awareness.

Baby loss affects so many people, from all walks of life, all ages, any gestation. Nobody is immune.

Unfortunately it is the ultimate taboo, and can be really hard to get the work that baby bereavement charities do. It is a grief that can last a lifetime.

Lost memories.

Lost dreams.

An empty chair. 

Hope that was given only to be snatched away. 

The devastation that follows, lives on.

As a group – Little Daffodils, who are supported by the wonderful Towards Tomorrow Together aim to help pick up the pieces, to light up the most darkest of times.

To leave nobody alone.

Every single penny will go towards this support, to raise awareness and to also to teach professionals a unique type of empathy, that many parents of babies who die don’t see.

Every penny will go into supporting your friend, your daughter, your brother, your sibling.

We are grateful to the very kind donations we have received to complete our amazing raffle prize pile. So touched that people have listened and wanted to help.

Thank you.

Today we have

A4 Poster - General (1).jpg


This prize consists of tickets for Two Adults and Three children to gain entry to this fantastic location.

Situated in Sparkford, Somerset, being a charity themselves they took the time to donate this wonderful prize.

This itself is definitely worth buying a £1 raffle ticket!

If you don’t win, be sure to pay a visit, my children love it here, especially my avid transport fan son.

A chance to sit in some finest vintage vehicles, learn about the history of transport of days gone by.

I’m looking forward to visiting again.


Haynes Motor Museum

Huge thank you.
The Wet Wipe Diaries

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