People Who Have Made The Barn Dance Happen.

Behind the scenes.

A short break from the raffle prize lists, to once again sharing the lovely people who are making this Charity Event happen.

I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. If I am brutally honest, there have been times where we have felt completely let down by the place we call home, and have had a cross word or two between us.

Tensions ran high, it has been stressful and at times disappointing.

We very nearly cancelled on a couple of occasions.

But we really are stronger than that, and for me (I can’t speak for the other ladies but I am sure they’ll agree), the awareness building for Little Daffodils has been of great importance, getting us known within the community. Letting people know what the Charity and the group is all about, by blogging rather than relying on other resources, we’ve been able to publicize the support in more detail.

As I have mentioned before 100% of the monies raised this coming Saturday will go towards helping families through the most darkest of times.

I’ve mentioned several times about group support, but there are things which would seem small to you, but huge to newly bereaved families.

Proper informative packages, leaflets with personalized information.

Example when we left the hospital, we didn’t get the Butterfly Box, we received leaflets and poems which are aimed at families who suffer miscarriages and stillbirth.

We were neither of those.

I won’t go into too much detail here, but there were so many things we weren’t told, so for me this is such an important thing I’d like to help change.

100% aftercare for ANYONE who has to leave the hospital with an empty car seat.

This is all a tiny drop in the ocean, but a step in the right direction to have more positive aftercare stories. The aftercare is an important part of our story.


Okay, I said behind the scenes, but I like to talk and I wanted to squeeze in a tiny bit more about our cause, because that is why we are here, right?!

As I have mentioned previously, there have been a small amount of us organising the event, including some who have added some finishing touches.

Little things like, table decorations.

I won’t reveal just yet, but they’re perfect.

Hand created by Tracy (of Little Daffodils) Mother In Law – Maureen Coath.

She has a lovely eye for detail.

Small touch but really a huge input to take the stress away from us,whilst we deal with front line things.

So Thank You.

There will be photos, but for now no spoilers.

Photographs we’ll be having local photographer Dave Sibley.

Down to earth, genuine guy has offered his services for the evening,having used him for a family event,he certainly comes highly recommended.

Thank you.

Cannot forget our husbands, Raffle Prize collections in various surrounding areas, various publicity, listening to crazy ideas and rants.

Thank you for putting up with us.

As mentioned we ended up with various places helping to boost our raffle ticket sales, we’ve been incredibly grateful for this help.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dove Tails, who have not only hosted some tickets, but donated prizes too.

We are sad to learn of their closure, but hopefully it’ll be temporary.

Lisa of Baron’s Chard took some tickets off of our busy hands.

Also Eleos Cafe became host to raffle tickets.

The bunting in the photo was made by the lovely Sarah, to help with ticket sales..

Not captured in the slideshow is Sarah Jones of The Phoenix Hotel, as well as doing her own charity awareness she has taken time to promote our raffle tickets too.

Councillor Amanda Broom took some raffle tickets off our hands to help sell them too.

Thank you to each of those mentioned for what seems like tiny touches are huge things to us.

I know I have already mentioned them above.

But this Business really has gone above and beyond with their support not only for the event promotion, selling Barn Dance and Raffle Tickets,but for what we do as a local group.

They have let us have use of the rooms upstairs for our monthly meets, where we can provide a drink, even cake and a listening ear in a really relaxed location.

On top of this, they have offered the use of another of their rooms to hold an awareness session for local professionals.

We, I am incredibly touched by their generosity and support whilst we build ourselves up from the ground.

I, for one am incredibly thankful to them.

Unfortunately as with the other photos it is a recycled one, and haven’t been able to include all members, but he(Nat) won’t escape for Event Round up photos…


This is Sarah and Emily, Emily along with Nat (who I’ve yet to capture), are usually there to serve drinks at our sessions.

Sarah made the lovely bunting which you can see beside her.

Always smiley and very friendly.

Eleos Cafe, who were also crowned best cafe in the South West,

what a wonderful thing to achieve.

We really are so grateful for the things they have helped us to do.


Please stop by and grab a slice of cake and a drink.

(Did I mention they even do Allergy friendly cake?!)

Every one here and people who have donated will all get a mention on the night.

Plus in my round up blogs.

We just would like to go above and beyond for those who have for us.

I am going to mention our team again.

Julz Scott

Tracy Coath

Gemma Green

Sam Field.

From publicity to

raffle prize obtaining to

Band Booking

and Ticket Sales,

Food Preparation

to simply organising bales of straw to hopefully complete the look.

We’re looking forward to seeing the end result, enjoying a fun evening, with maybe a Pimms or two.

Will we do this again?

Are you Crazy?!

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