Barn Dance Success!

Well, what a night!

The weeks leading up to the event was beginning to feel as if there was nothing going to fall in to place, with making a slow 50 sales it was hard to know whether it would be worth it. Well the days leading up to our event, proved amazing things come to those who wait. Our top target was to sell 100, it was our dream number, and was a comfortable number for our venue. We sold 104. So our ‘Sold Out’ went to plus numbers too.

We’re incredibly proud of this overall progress.

As for the night.

Pig Tails and Check Shirts filled the dance floor.


I hadn’t been to a Barn Dance since I was about 14, and probably spent most of it outside with my friends, and a lot of people attending had never been to one either. Looking around the hall, if there wasn’t bums off seats and giggles on the Dance Floor, there were many smiles and laughter coming from the tables. It was warm, welcoming, and felt more like a family occasion rather than a Charity event.



We really had a treat with our band – Ivor Hyde, whom at different points of the evening managed to get every one up dancing.


They certainly knew how to get us all moving!

Highly recommend them.

Every single person we spoke to during the evening would say just how much fun they were having, which meant so much to us, after all of the planning and stress.

“Keep up the good work, you are making a difference”

As you can see even Mayor Dave Bulmer and Cllr Amanda Broom joined in on more than one dance.

“Fantastic Night!! Loved it”

If you followed my publicity posts, you’ll know just how amazing our raffle collection was, how lucky we were to have received so many.


The lovely Sam Field ran the raffle on the night, making sure everyone had brought at least one ticket.

I am currently putting together thank you letters.

We hope the various winners are pleased with their prizes.

Along with the Dancing and the prizes there were a tiny team of bar staff,

Di and Marie, though they were incredibly lucky to have escaped the photos.

Then  we have the food, the Ploughman’s


“Amazing food, really enjoyed it.”

Put together by Gemma Green, assisted by her husband in the kitchen, on the evening, serving teas and coffees, along with making sure every one had enough ham or cheese on their plates, most were keen for more.

Of course Gemma and Sam made up part of the team, with Tracy Coath and Julz Scott, to make the event possible.


So, for us of Little Daffodils it was wonderful to raise the awareness of our group and of course the work also of the charity Towards Tomorrow Together.


(I promise I was not singing!)

Went through many, many thank you’s, I must say a HUGE thank you to Dave Sibley for taking all of these photos for us, they’re perfect and have really captured our event.

and a little about little Melody and where Little Daffodils came from, which brings me to the stunning memorial bunting, where we raised a glass to all those named on the bunting and every baby, who didn’t get to come home.


The important bit, we never imagined a week ago we would even have such a successful event, let alone the amount I am about to tell you we raised.

We are so grateful, and it really will help so many families, give so much resource in this area, that is very sadly lacking.

Our total from the Barn Dance and Raffle came to


We are so proud of what we achieved, with so few of us, we enjoyed every minute of the evening, and loved watching everyone else enjoy it just as much.

So, a week a go if people asked when would the next fundraiser be?

We’d say, “on your bike” or “Are you Crazy?” with maybe a swear word or two.

But tonight after seeing the above total, and what we can achieve..

When is the next event?


“We’ll see.”

Watch this space..

(Little Daffodils)

Thanks for reading .

Thank you for donations no matter how small.

Thank you for coming.

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