Barn Dance and Raffle Take Fifteen


Yep that is right only SEVEN days until our Charity Barn Dance and Raffle.

With not many hands, and a couple of threats of event cancellations, we’re only a week a way until we can dance and be merry.

Have I told you there will be a bar?

Of course there will be, grab a cider to complete the Barn Dance look.

Do you have your checked shirts? boots? even a hat?

Don’t worry, neither have I…yet!

It isn’t compulsory, but it will add to the great atmosphere that will come with Ivor Hyde’s Barn Dance.



Is a Pecorama family ticket, which will admit two adults and two children in to their fantastic train centre.

Situated in Beer on the Devon Coast, we ourselves have been hear many times now and really love it.

There’s model railways, a train ride, soft play a theatre area which is named

‘Melody Close’

We visited the Summer after she died, and seeing her name in a wooden sign took us back a bit, but now each time we visit the children get a photo with the sign.

Sweet really.

Pecorama is home to some beautiful gardens, where you can sit and see the views of the sea, truly stunning and peaceful location.

Of course plenty of places to have a picnic.

Even if you’re not to win, it is a place which is value for money, lovely for the whole family.

The staff are friendly and will answer the children’s eager questions.

But be warned, there is a fantastic shop, even the adults won’t want to leave without a gift.

Finally they have a carriage that is now a cafe, stop buy and have some tea and cake.

Thank you Pecorama.

Don’t forget your Barn Dance Tickets and Raffle Tickets.

It is going to be a fabulous evening, looking forward to seeing you there.

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Barn Dance and Raffle Take Fourteen

Eight Days to go!

We have tickets available, which need homes, people we’d very like to see join us in a n evening of entertainment!


If you don’t know, why not?

We are holding a Barn Dance, in aid of Towards Tomorrow Together, who support Chard Group Little Daffodils.

Where two Mums from Little Daffodils joined forced with two local Mums, to do various little fundraisers to piece the Barn Dance Puzzle together. We’re here (well, almost), ready to host a fun evening of dance with a Ploughman’s Supper, a cuppa and our rather ‘epic’ raffle.

With prizes which include

A signed Bath Rugby Shirt,

Tickets to Woodlands Theme Park

A meal for two at Boston Tea Party,

Milky Way Tickets,

Cut Glass Vase,

East Lambrook Garden Entry tickets,

Yeovil Town Match Tickets

And a whole lot more. Almost 50!


Next for today we have..


As you can see from the picture it will entitle the winner to £10 to spend at Perry’s Cider in Dowlish Wake near Ilminster in Somerset.

Perfect for if you fancy lunch out and want somewhere different, nice amount to have spend there.

Thank you Perry’s.


All YOU have to do is purchase a £1 raffle ticket, or if you’re feeling really lucky you can purchase more… You could be in with a chance to win some of these amazing prizes.


The Wet Wipe Diaries

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Thirteen 

Nine Days to go.  We’re in single figures.  So very almost there.

Exciting and nervous too.  But I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I’ll be hoping to launch the date for our family friendly group on the night of the Barn Dance.  I’ve even managed to sort two very special guests to join in too.  I’m not sure which bit I’m more excited for.

This group, is another aspect of support we offer.  There are many families who have gone on to have children afterwards, and like us have children before,  so can’t always get someone to watch them of an evening to come to a group session.  Like us there are people who quite frankly can’t trust just anyone to have their precious children either.

So I was intending on starting a group at the beginning of the year but unfortunately I’ve been unwell, so had to postpone my plans.  Once a month there will be an opportunity for all parents of loss to come along, let the children play, whilst parents can get support or just sit and listen if they’re not ready to share.  It is to be a safe place where parents can feel less alone.  Or at least that is what I’d like to achieve.  This will be at St Mary’s.  Our original home to our evening group.

Just another example of what is in off through the charity, we’re working so hard on to make a perfect evening for lives that matter.
Next in our raffle range we have

Tickets for an Exeter Rugby Match.  I know many a Rugby fan who’d love this prize.  For only £1 a ticket it could be yours!
Next we have been given a child’s entry ticket to popular local attraction Fleet Air Arm Museum, a chance to see some of the finest air crafts, even see inside a prototype of concorde.

Superb prize.

Thank you.
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Twelve 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Five years ago today I was pregnant with our daughter and it was the first day it started to properly go wrong.

I was diagnosed with early Pre-Eclampsia.  It was a waiting game of how long I could stay home.  It was meant to be our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple instead I was in hospital, having numerous tests and feeling quite scared.  Little did we know she’d be born just 12 days later at 26 (+6)weeks,born because I developed HELLP syndrome,  where she stayed and played for 5 precious weeks.

As you are aware we’re fundraising for Towards Tomorrow Together, as well as the Butterfly Boxes and vocal support for families there’s the raising awareness of maybe why they died.

Currently in the early stages of setting up an awareness session for local professionals to come along and hear  bereaved parents perspectives, get some thoughts out there,  particularly where there are sadly still so many out there who have a short timescale on grief, expect families to move on, and if they haven’t then the parents are obviously either not well or normal, this attitude is incorrect.

Having spoken to local health visitors, midwife, vicar, funeral directors, florist they’re all very much on board with what I’d like to achieve.

This is what it is all about to make parent’s lives easier; gentler.

Yet another reason why this Charity is so important for so many families.

Here we have a surprise raffle donation, this mega “Rainy Day” Children’s hamper. Complete with a water proof beach bag. Donated by a couple I met through my Children’s Majorette Team, when their daughter was a member, but now Ley is our driver (handy man too) and Zeph is on the Committee Team; they will make up part of the team for a fundraiser coming up in August too.

Thank you guys, great prize.


We have this lovely chair made especially and donated to us by Joy of Dove Tails in Chard.


Dove Tails collectively have been really kind in all the things they have put into our Raffle, we’re touched to know people care enough to put thought into the things they do donate.

Dove Tails are one of the homes to our raffle tickets, pop along and see what they have to offer, whilst you buy a ticket or two.

Thank you for the donation


And thank you for reading.


The Wet Wipe Diaries.

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Eleven 

We’re nearly there, such an amazing response in donations and ticket sales, we’ve not many left!  There are also not many days to purchase tickets.  

We’re so close to the finishing line.  4 of us completing a coffee morning, and table top sale, all in Aid of raising awareness for such a wonderful charity.  Four plus our long suffering husbands, I think we could possibly nail this.  It has been bloody hard work, certainly not an easy task.  But we’re here, we’re days away from our Main Event.  

Even if we don’t nail this, we have achieved what we have with so few of us.  That is amazing.  

Still have a few more prizes to show you. 

You still have a chance at winning for only £1 a ticket! 🎫 

Fantastic day ticket for this great centre,  perfect for the train enthusiasts out there.  

They’ve a collection of steam and diesel trains,  carriages and trucks.  Model exhibits too.  We’re really pleased with this prizes, and really hope whoever wins can make perfect memories.  

Thank you.  

Next we have 

An Ear Piercing voucher courtesy of Silver Cross Body Piercing.  Great prize from another local business.  
Next is a stunning piece of art from Mosaics By Lucy who creates art from recycled china. As you can see this pig is actually one of many, many designs she does.  She has a Facebook page and can be found in Dove Tails, located in Chard.  

Thank you. 

Finally in this photo is a Razooks voucher.  Stylish local hairdressers, who has done wonderfully during their time in Chard.  Kind and friendly people.  One lady, Michelle, who I went to school with, took the time out of her busy day and came to our little girl’s celebration.  So many said they would, so many didn’t.  We were incredibly touched that she came to show her love rather than written word.  On a day from hell it meant so much to have people there.  

Thank you.  
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Ten 

Less than 2 weeks to go.  We’d love to see all of our available tickets gone in to you wonderful people’s hands!  

Prizes to be won, and evening of entertainment to be had, all for a fantastic cause.  
Here we have a £15 Angel Eyes Photography Voucher lovely prize to get some beautiful photos taken by a highly recommended photographer.  

Thank you for your donation.  

£10 hair inspirations voucher, from a salon here in Chard. 

Thank you. 

Finally in this set is a bottle of Mulled Wine from The Dolphin Inn of Chard, a great donation from more local people. 

Thank you.  

Have mentioned a lot about the Barn Dance and Raffle but running along side, there is also a memorial bunting which we’ll hang on the night to remember the babies and children gone too soon.  

It’ll not just be used in the night, but as part of various projects I have planned involving awareness,  to make it knowe that all lives matter.  

You can do it privately, it is for anyone affected by the loss of a baby no matter the age or gestation, or how long a go. I’d like to include your baby.  

Nearly there!

The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Nine 

14 days to go.  Barn Dance Tickets are still available.  We’d love it if they could all be sold!  All proceeds go to helping families come to terms with the death of their baby. 

Including Dads.  A lot of focus is on Mums but of course Dads lose their children too.  But not only their child, but watch their partners break before them and have no control over anything that is happening,whilst they’re breaking themselves too.  They get forgotten, I’ve seen it in forums, quite a few where dads have been asked to leave, or been told it is no place for them.  

It is wrong.  

We accept anyone, welcome with open arms to give support to anyone who needs it, nobody should ever feel alone.  

So by purchasing a Barn Dance and/or raffle ticket you are helping us to achieve what we’re setting out to do, supporting and aftercare.  

With some fantastic prizes 

We’ve a £5 off voucher from The Walk In Hair Salon here in Chard.  

Great to have their support.  

Thank you. 

A bottle of White donated by the lovely Debbie O Dea,  perfect for a night in with friends, or for the start of the night.  
Thank you for your kindness. 

A fabulous Body Shop Goodie bag with many creams and lotions,  with the bottle of wine you could win and this if your luck is really in, make a perfect pamper session. 

Thank you to Tash Manning for your kind contribution. 
Yes we still have a few more to go! 

(we still have prizes arriving!) 
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Eight 

15 days to go.  Really will be here before we know it.  

I decided to blog our progress as an easier route to publicise, it’s been really successful, I’ve enjoyed doing it, I can get a bit more awareness out there. 

We had a group meet this week, subjects came about support, or the lack of it,particularly in our region.  It is incredibly sad how it differs around the country,  others have it far better, also many have it far worse. That isn’t the way it should be.  All parents within this community have all been told in one way or another that their baby won’t survive,yet nearly every single person’s support has been different.  When I approached Mel of Towards Tomorrow Together about setting up a group in Chard (I was fearful of doing it alone), she of course was amazing, but it was a step to change. To raise money for this charity will indeed help this support, and even research for hospitals, to have better understanding in dealing with bereaved parents.  That all parents leaving the hospital without their baby should be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve, all babies matter. 

Once again I am here to entice you good people into buying an event ticket or a raffle ticket,  or simply a donation.  We do still have bunting available for little ones taken far too soon.  A way of remembering them.  And to raise awareness. 

We have a lovely accessory scarf kindly donated by Dove Tails.  Lovely shop in the middle of Chard, which is a home to many smaller businesses. Definitely worth a visit. 

Thank you. 

Sarah Hodge Voucher.  Hairdressers which has been in Chard many years, we’re very grateful for this donation, it could be yours for a £1 raffle ticket.  

Lastly in this photo is another Dove Tails donation lovely bag, perfect for that special evening occasion.  Dove Tails are also one of our homes to our raffle tickets, pop in and see their wonderful offerings and grab yourself a raffle ticket. 

Thank you.  

There is still more to come. 
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance Raffle Take Seven

The days are edging closer to our big event, it is coming around really quickly.  For me it isn’t just counting the days until the event, but the day after is our little girl’s ‘would have been’ 5th birthday.  It really is quite significant for us.  If any of you follow you’ll see it hasn’t been particularly easy this year.  There have been days where I’ve really regretted having a big event so close to her birthday.  

25th February is very much part of her story, we had visited Special Care and was told we’d have about 2 weeks until delivery, she was born the next day,  this year being the same day of the week as it was back then,  so is pinching somewhat.. Anyway to read more of her journey see melly belly and me. 

Back to the prizes  

We’ve had a fantastic response not only for donations but of people buying too, so not to forget you guys I would like to say a huge thank you. To you it may only be a minimum of £1 but it’ll go towards some important aftercare for families who lose their babies.  

We have a beautiful little trinket box very kindly donated by Gordon Stoker’s in Chard.  Stunning piece to finish off a dressing table or pay it forward as a Christening gift.  

Beautiful.  Thank you.  

Next to it is a £25 Sainsbury’s gift card given to us by Saville and Andrews Estate Agents.  A lovely prize for any winner!  

A box of Thornton’s from Andrew Green husband of Gemma lovely prize for any chocolate fans!  

Thank you 

The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Six 

Me again! Not too many more.  Raising awareness of our fantastic event along with some brilliant prizes.  

Wookey Hole tickets, Woodlands, Devon Railway Centre, Signed Bath Rugby Shirt,  Rainbow Cushion, Henry goodies, Darlington Vase, Seaton Tram tickets, Milky way, Taunton Town Football Tickets,  Yeovil Town tickets, East Lambrook Garden tickets plus more.. 

Aside from our tickets for days out we also have some lovely donations from people too.  

Grooming Set from Amanda and Wayne Broom. 

Thank you.  

We’ve coupled up a bottle of wine from The Haymaker with a box of crackers we popped in, to make a nice raffle gift, perfect for an evening in! 

Our first selection of Thornton’s given by Melody’s Nanny,  not only this but a short while a go she knitted unicorns (Melody’s Unicorns) to sell in Aid of Melody’s chosen charity,  with this she had raised an amazing £100, she’s hoping to do more when she finds time. 

She’s been amazing support to us, never rushing us, questioning how we deal with the death of our girl.  She’s been invaluable. 

We’ve been very lucky. 

Next set

We have some lovely ladies Wellington Boots,  very thought out boots which are full of rainbows and colour,  the lady who donated said she thought the rainbows would tie in perfectly. Donated by the lovely people of Baron’s of Chard.  (where you can also purchase raffle tickets). Thank you. 

We have lovely hand care set donated by local lady Alison Dwyer.  Thank you.  

Next we have a bottle of wine again perfect for a night in, or to start the night with.  Thank you to once again the Haymaker in WadeFord, recently reopened making for a great place to eat, highly recommended by locals particularly the vegan community.  I’m looking forward to trying one of their vegan puddings!  

Every single donation that has come to us for our raffle has meant so much to us.  There are so many causes and charities out there, it is touching that people would like to support us.  
Thank you 

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