A Month To Be Mindful.


It’s that time of year, particularly for us as a family, where the days are still a little heavier, full of memories of days which broke us. But memories also of days which have been the most amazing.

The truth of it is, we’re of course not the only ones to feel the desire to shut ourselves away, because as individuals it can all be too much to explain to people looking in that not every day is a happy adventure.

Fear, the anxieties, painful memories stop us at times to do things we’d really like to do. Sitting back watching other people we know and love have the lives we can only think about.

I’ve participated in these Photo Challenges myself over the years and have found them really helpful, they’ve mainly been related to Baby Loss, which can be seen over here. So, I thought I would have a go at putting something together for April, but not just for the baby loss community but for anyone who is struggling right and feeling overwhelmed in life just now, and even if you’re not but want to join in, that is okay too.

In the next week or so I will share with you a range of subjects to look to each day, which will begin April 1st, which for us in terms of memories is our most shittiest.

Please bare in mind I have never done anything like this before (there you have it – Self doubt), so I hope it’ll be okay.

You can join me on Instagram @thered_headdiaries (#rhdmindfulness), I’ll also share over on my Facebook Page, The Red Head Diaries – blogs,  where you can join us (hopefully an us) there too. You could also choose to blog, or simply keep your thoughts more private, and do it just for you.

Nothing is set in stone either, it isn’t a competition, you can join in for every day, or just the first, anything goes, you’re more than welcome.





The Wet Wipe Diaries








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