March – Growing Up.

The week started out with K having a day off from pre-school, slight temperature, wasn’t feeling well, then slept for three hours solid. As soon as she woke up, she was instantly back to her usual self, even eating two bowls of cereal, most bizarre.

Pleased she’s feeling better..



(times by fifty thousand).

This week saw our “Rainbow” Baby, turn four!

It doesn’t seem possible that four years ago, we walked into the hospital terrified of history repeating ourselves, terrified our new baby would have to stay in NICU.

The relief we felt that not only did I get to have skin to skin, my husband was able to have a cuddle with his new daughter unlike when Melody was born where she was taken.


Then we got to leave the hospital exactly 24 hours after her planned caesarean section birth.
Parenting a new baby, as well as parenting my older two after such a loss has been a real eye opener. People assume that things are easier when you have children before, and that you “get better” once a baby arrives after a loss.

But it isn’t, it brings a whole new parenting skill, a whole new way of parenting. Not to mention the anxieties which are difficult to overcome, over the years I’ve relaxed a little, but I’ll never be the same parent I once was.

I take to listening to too many “perfect” parent comments which I know I shouldn’t, because after all, none of us are perfect.


Potty Training


This week we’ve also officially begun the potty training experience with the (now) 21month old. Early, I know however right from birth she has always hated nappy changing, really hated it. Screaming, squirming and just generally being uncomfortable with being laid down.


We’d spoken to a doctor in the very beginning and was told babies cry.. Helpful. We soon learned she had reflux and CMPA (as well as gluten for a short time). Anyway, we’ve been trying a few weeks on and off, this week we thought we’d no real plans away from the house, thought we’d tackle it; she’d been ready for a short time. We may have cracked it, well at home anyway, there’s bound to be accidents still, but that’s what this is all about.
She would appear to be dry at night too, apart from last night, when she stayed in (our) bed until 8.30am (no she didn’t sleep all night, this was a milk coma from 6)!

It would seem my nappy addiction is coming to an end, which seems strange in itself, having cloth bummed for the last 4 years and finding any excuse to purchase more.

I’ll have to find a new collection

Stationery anyone?

We’ve had a day where she hasn’t wanted boob as much today, the days where I have found her 45 minute feeding regime difficult, today it dawned on me, that she really could stop any day if she wanted, although realistically I cannot see that happening in terms of days.

I’m so pleased that they are growing, I say all the time that I don’t want them to stop growing – ever.

Time goes so quickly.


The Wet Wipe Diaries



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