April Challenge #rhdmindfulness 

I am also hoping, if I can get organised enough to Vlog daily as an addition to my own in put. This is my first video, bear with me,

As I have said in my previous post, there is no competition, no right or wrong way of joining in. You can do them all, or just one. Share within your social media areas or keep private.


Day One Who AreYOU?

Apart from being a wife, a husband, or being a parent, or who ever your paid role brings.

Who are you as an individual? How would you describe yourself?


Day Two Something you avoid doing.

Are there situations that cause you bursts of anxiety? Things you wish you could do, but your brain, stops you. Things that could maybe cause triggers.


Day Three The Weather Today.

What is the weather like today where you are? How does it make you feel?  Do you have a favourite Season?


Day 4 Hope.

When everything doesn’t seem to go to plan, what gives you hope? What gets you up the next day? If you can’t get up what keeps you breathing?


Day 5 Get Creative

Maybe make use of a colouring book, you’ve yet to start, I know I have many that I’ll sit and do for ages, then I ignore them. I love the idea of them, and have a couple I’ve not even begun. Maybe you like the idea of them but haven’t purchased one yet. Write something, begin a blog, or continue a blog you have maybe been procrastinating against. Or put your procrastination to good use and make a vision board for yourself, (this doesn’t mean sitting and looking at hundreds on Pinterest!). Are there things you’d like to achieve? But fear continues to get in the way.


Day 6 Share something you are proud of.

Is it your children, or spouse? Maybe you have achieved something that you are super proud of, or overcome something that you thought would never happen.


Day 7 Retail Therapy

Set yourself a £5 budget to purchase something for yourself. Maybe using a Charity shop for an added “giving” bonus. Allow yourself to spoil yourself for a moment. You deserve more than you know.


Day 8 Gratitude

What are you thankful for right now? It could be absolutely anything, from something as small as finishing a hot cup of tea or something so much bigger. To someone else’s small, could be something really big to be grateful for.


Day 9 Cause

Spread awareness about a cause that is close to your heart, tell us more. There are so many small charities or organisations that they often get forgotten. Share a link with us too. Maybe donate (of course this is very optional, money isn’t always easy to give away).


Day 10 Find three good things about today.

Write them down, take a photo, these three things could end up making your day.


Day 11 What is bothering you?

Is there anything that we can help you with? Is there something you’re really worried about talking about? Often a problem shared can make them slightly gentler. We are all in this life together.


Day 12 Friendship

What does having friends mean to you? Do you have many? Or make them easy?

Is your village strong? And built to last?


Day 13 Sunrise

It doesn’t have to be today’s Sunrise, it could be either a sunrise of the day that changed you? A sunrise you’ve seen that you remember well, the sunrise which brought you new beginnings.


Day 14 Bake

Bake Cakes, cookies, or even something savoury.

When our daughter died it was the only thing I could do, baked hundreds of scones! Eat your creation. It is often known, that typical “British” Way, is that Tea and Sympathy, along with a slice of cake, or even a sandwich is meant to make the world a better place. Of course we all know life isn’t that simple – if only. But at least you’d have eaten something (hopefully) tasty today.


Day 15 Time with distant friends.

Set a time with a friend is not local, either via social media, or over the phone, maybe they’re a friend you have never met, it isn’t always that easy to leave the house particularly on bad days, so if you have distant friends, today have a cuppa and a chat with them, as if you were meeting in a local café, maybe even skype in a café. Today is not a day to feel alone.



Day 16 Go Outside

Take a walk, sit in the garden, breathe in the fresh air, either alone or include your family, take your dog for an extra-long walk.

Do you have a favourite outdoor location?


Day 17 Share Your Love

Who or what has your love? Is it Friends or Family? Support networks? Maybe the love of something that interests you has helped pull you through.


Day 18 Grounded

What helps you to come back down to level ground when you’re feeling anxious? It may not be a “thing” could be a person, or a place, which brings you comfort when life gets overwhelming.


Day 19 Quiet Time – Breathe

Find a time of day to just sit. Take in what surrounds you; maybe the only time is first thing in the morning or last thing at night in bed. Maybe set aside 20 minutes where no technology is involved. Savour the moment.


Day 20 Self Care

What do you do to take care of yourself?  This could be protecting yourself when you’re filled with anxieties. It could be a form of protection from being hurt. How do you cope with these things? Do you have an ideal comfort zone? Are you able to practice some self-care today?


Day 21. Wisdom

Is there any advice you could give to someone on a similar path to you? Has there been an important life lesson you wish you had been told?


Day 22 Sunset.

Again, not necessarily today’s Sunset, but maybe you can remember what the day was like when things in your life changed, either for good or for bad. Or quite simply a sunset, enjoy its beauty from the recently changed clocks (British Summertime).


Day 23 Nostalgia

Are there things that if you could go back and change you would? It could also be a favourite, happy memory.



Day 24 Beauty

What is surrounding you with beauty today? Do you have countryside nearby? Beautiful flowers, trees?

Are there buildings that you particularly love, which brings you fascination. You could even include people if you wished.

The world is such an ugly place, would be nice to spread some beauty about the place today.


Day 25 Dance It Out

Dance like nobody is watching!

You don’t have to share a video, but you certainly can if you wish. Maybe share your go to song, where your feet can’t stop, but makes you feel lighter after dancing it out.


Day 26 Sounds

What can you hear? It doesn’t have to be song birds or swaying trees. But at this moment in time what can you hear? Maybe close your eyes and concentrate. How do these sounds make you feel? Do you have a favourite sound? Or a sound that triggers lots of emotions.


Day 27 Rainbow

Most obviously this could be of an actual rainbow, but this will be depending on the weather, being April with all the showers, this may well be not as easy to take a photo of one today. Draw a picture. If you’re lucky enough to have a rainbow baby, maybe share your rainbow. Tell us what has given you light and colour amongst the darkest of times.


Day 28 Write A Letter

Write a letter to yourself in one years’ time, telling yourself how wonderful you are.


Day 29 Laugh.

Or at the very least smile. Can you remember the last time you laughed? Is there something making you smile/happy today?


Day 30 Positivity

Write something positive about yourself, WITHOUT the words “I think” at the beginning of the sentence.



Huge thank you for anyone who did join in or even just followed, as I said before I’ve never done anything like this before.

I do hope it has helped in some way, to give a little focus.

If you did enjoy this, please hit the follow button on my page, if this happens to be successful, I may do another.


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