March Is Almost Over

i know these are boring, but I am trying to get in to the habit of writing regularly, whether they are of interest. I like being here.

We’re almost at the end of March, the Sun I think is on its way. Right at the beginning of the week, I was finding things in my life particularly difficult, to be honest, I’m still not sure about it all, the right solutions aren’t always the easiest, or the best. Being in my own head at times is miserable, I am lucky that most of the crap that does go on in there I can talk it out, here or most importantly to my husband, he has a magical ear. But this “thing” that has pulled me down this week is a lot harder for me to deal with, and I like to have the sand around my ears for this one. Luckily for me a mid week trip out to Soft Play and lunch with the littlest few, and my favourite Mummy friend, helped me to stay out of my own mind. Bliss. Insomnia has hit me too this week, this always heightens my emotions, but there’s not a great deal I can do just now. Quiet few days which followed.


A Majorette fundraiser in the form of an English Breakfast, I was able to take Charity Information for Towards Tomorrow Together, along with some cakes to sell.

I love being able to help at these events, with the little fundraisers, being part of great teams, and most importantly raising awareness for both of them. I didn’t make a lot for Towards Tomorrow Together, but then I didn’t take a lot of cakes either, mainly because my priority that day was the Majorette Fundraiser, but I did make enough money to provide some drinks for people at our next session, and that is what is most important, to me anyway.

Child Free Afternoon.

This is certainly not something I have that often, and definitely not something my husband and I have, almost at all (although next week we have TWO planned Child Free events)!

My friend and I took a visit to our local Mum2Mum Market. New to You Sale for parents. It is usually for more the much younger age groups, but occasionally we have picked up a bargain for the older children too. Typically I didn’t take a photo of this visit’s haul. However I spent just under £14 and brought…

  • Brand New Toddler Elsa Doll, in its box (£4)! This was my favourite bargain.
  • Ride on toy
  • Skirt
  • 3 x Tops
  • Miniature Girl’s World Head

We even had lunch (not at the venue), which was lovely.

Mother’s Day

It is an incredibly bittersweet day for me, here I wrote a little about how I feel for the day itself. I was treated to my gifts the day before, due to the competition landing on Mother’s Day, I was very surprised how my husband and our children spoilt me.

I feel incredibly lucky to have them, despite everything, and the way I have felt during this week,  I am happy, my heart has been broken, my head suffers but our little family unit make me unbelievably happy, I truly am lucky to have them.

Even Melody, I missed her terribly over Mother’s Day, with this is a little bit of guilt, because I do have my beautiful children in my arms, but my pain of having a child lost isn’t any less.

I managed one Mother’s Day with her, more than many, less than most.

I’ll always be a Mother to five children.


First Competition of the season for my children’s troupe, they absolutely love being a part of it. It’s my eldest daughter’s 5th year, my son’s 3rd year and our youngest (for now) trouper just over a year. The biggest is also a lead girl, super proud Mama.

It was a very long day, very early start with what should have been an hour less in bed, turned into us being woken at 2am but the littlest, who thought it would be an excellent time to play, then as we were heading out the door at 6 am, fell asleep would you believe?!

There was what seemed like a crazily long journey to get to the venue, but thankfully once we had arrived it was a relief to have nice weather. All the children were well behaved, played nicely or sat nicely together. The routines were brilliant, I am always mesmerized by what these kids can do! They bring tears to my eyes, even the youngest group who I see week in week out brought out the tears. I’m in awe of the trainers, and the children are a credit to them. I love these competitions, we’ve several more to go, I cannot wait for the next. The journey home was shorter, but just as eventful, with the coach taking the wrong exit, an accident on one of the routes home for us as a family. One of my girls was sick too, overtired from her day. Yet she still wants to go back for more.



Only a few more days left of this month.

They’re heavy, and I must keep going.

The Wet Wipe Diaries

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