Welcome to my blog.

I’ve run a couple of blogs over the years, and still run one specifically for the grief of our daughter.

This one is in the hope to help find my love of writing again.

Our puzzle is made up of 10 pieces.

My Husband, the most patient person I have ever met. My hero, I am truly honoured and incredibly lucky to be this guy’s wife.

He’s incredibly hairy, snores a lot…but is my absolute favourite adult human being.

My Step Daughter, she should have been 14, but is sadly no longer with us, but isn’t my place to speak about her, but feels wrong not to include her in our puzzle. Another reason why my husband is incredible.

My Daughter Leah, she is my first born and the baby who made me a mother. Born a dinky 4lb 8oz, looking back then, seeing her so small, I would never have imagined how tall she’d get, fast approaching the teens, I can see it is about to get interesting.

My Only Son Joseph, my train crazy, kind little boy, who at times is a little crazy, but he too is amazing, but of course I would say that about all of my children…but they are.

These two children are from a previous relationship, so they spend time with their Dad.

Narla, our gorgeous black cat, we’re assuming she is 9. We re-homed her when friends of ours emigrated, she is the most laziest gentle cats I have ever come across, we were told we wouldn’t see her a lot, she is always out, rather she’s always on our bed.

Daughter Number Two, Melody she is our first baby together, should have been 4. But is instead forever 5 weeks old, born prematurely at 26+6 weeks, 670g, she passed away in 2012, making me a bereaved mum.

Daughter number three Kelsi, born 11 months after Melody died, some may say she’s our rainbow baby. Loves anything Disney Princess, the pinker, the fluffier the dresses the better for our little diva.

Porridge our second black cat, she is the same age as Kelsi – 3 and is absolutely nothing like Narla, she is completely crazy.

Daughter number four our final baby, Calliope (yes her name is from Grey’s Anatomy, but we name her after Melody), her pregnancy was horrendous due to Hyperemesis. Her first few months were difficult due to intolerances, I also struggled to bond with her, finding myself shut in the toilet crying more than a handful of times.

Then of course there’s me.

Socially awkward, anxious about everything. Crazily in love with my beautiful family.

I’m just me


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