Barn Dance and Raffle Nineteen

I promise there isn’t much more to go..

I hope I haven’t bored you too much, but this really was the easiest and best option to get us out there, our event, the cause…every thing. More detail than just a one time article.

To be honest I have enjoyed writing about it all. I will also be doing a follow up, with hopefully a sizable amount of money raised and all important photos!

First things first…


Within the last hour or so we never thought we’d have been posting such an update, a week a go we’d barely made 50 sales. I won’t lie it felt incredibly disheartening.



That’s right, we hit our upper target, we’re really pleased.

It makes it more exciting seeing the words in front of us. Been hard work, but we’re here two more sleeps, we’ll be there.

I’m here with a little reminder of our raffle prizes.

I hope you have your ticket, there are still a few of these available, we’d like a Sold Out sticker for these too.

Here we go, I’ve put them together for these next two posts.

We’re so grateful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this slide show we have

(I have previously mentioned all who donated and will again in our thank you’s)

An Ear Piercing Voucher

CineChard Tickets for Bridget Jones’ Baby

East Lambrook Manor Garden Tickets

Beautiful Mosaic Pig Picture

Plush Henry and his adventures story books

A Chair with Fox Fabric

£10 Voucher for Razooks

Hand wash

Wellington Boots

Devon Railway Centre Tickets

Woodlands Tickets

Crochet Cushion

Seaton Tramway Tickets

Wookey Hole Tickets

Darlington Vase

Signed Bath Rugby Shirt

£10 Voucher Country Butcher

Boston Tea Party Voucher

Bottle of Wine

Milky Way Entry

Taunton Town Football club entry.

Pure Beauty Voucher

As you can see we have some fantastic prizes on offer, we have been so lucky.

We’re really touched by everyone’s generosity.

Good Luck to anyone who has purchased a ticket and thank you.

See you tomorrow!

The Wet Wipe Diaries

People Who Have Made The Barn Dance Happen.

Behind the scenes.

A short break from the raffle prize lists, to once again sharing the lovely people who are making this Charity Event happen.

I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. If I am brutally honest, there have been times where we have felt completely let down by the place we call home, and have had a cross word or two between us.

Tensions ran high, it has been stressful and at times disappointing.

We very nearly cancelled on a couple of occasions.

But we really are stronger than that, and for me (I can’t speak for the other ladies but I am sure they’ll agree), the awareness building for Little Daffodils has been of great importance, getting us known within the community. Letting people know what the Charity and the group is all about, by blogging rather than relying on other resources, we’ve been able to publicize the support in more detail.

As I have mentioned before 100% of the monies raised this coming Saturday will go towards helping families through the most darkest of times.

I’ve mentioned several times about group support, but there are things which would seem small to you, but huge to newly bereaved families.

Proper informative packages, leaflets with personalized information.

Example when we left the hospital, we didn’t get the Butterfly Box, we received leaflets and poems which are aimed at families who suffer miscarriages and stillbirth.

We were neither of those.

I won’t go into too much detail here, but there were so many things we weren’t told, so for me this is such an important thing I’d like to help change.

100% aftercare for ANYONE who has to leave the hospital with an empty car seat.

This is all a tiny drop in the ocean, but a step in the right direction to have more positive aftercare stories. The aftercare is an important part of our story.


Okay, I said behind the scenes, but I like to talk and I wanted to squeeze in a tiny bit more about our cause, because that is why we are here, right?!

As I have mentioned previously, there have been a small amount of us organising the event, including some who have added some finishing touches.

Little things like, table decorations.

I won’t reveal just yet, but they’re perfect.

Hand created by Tracy (of Little Daffodils) Mother In Law – Maureen Coath.

She has a lovely eye for detail.

Small touch but really a huge input to take the stress away from us,whilst we deal with front line things.

So Thank You.

There will be photos, but for now no spoilers.

Photographs we’ll be having local photographer Dave Sibley.

Down to earth, genuine guy has offered his services for the evening,having used him for a family event,he certainly comes highly recommended.

Thank you.

Cannot forget our husbands, Raffle Prize collections in various surrounding areas, various publicity, listening to crazy ideas and rants.

Thank you for putting up with us.

As mentioned we ended up with various places helping to boost our raffle ticket sales, we’ve been incredibly grateful for this help.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dove Tails, who have not only hosted some tickets, but donated prizes too.

We are sad to learn of their closure, but hopefully it’ll be temporary.

Lisa of Baron’s Chard took some tickets off of our busy hands.

Also Eleos Cafe became host to raffle tickets.

The bunting in the photo was made by the lovely Sarah, to help with ticket sales..

Not captured in the slideshow is Sarah Jones of The Phoenix Hotel, as well as doing her own charity awareness she has taken time to promote our raffle tickets too.

Councillor Amanda Broom took some raffle tickets off our hands to help sell them too.

Thank you to each of those mentioned for what seems like tiny touches are huge things to us.

I know I have already mentioned them above.

But this Business really has gone above and beyond with their support not only for the event promotion, selling Barn Dance and Raffle Tickets,but for what we do as a local group.

They have let us have use of the rooms upstairs for our monthly meets, where we can provide a drink, even cake and a listening ear in a really relaxed location.

On top of this, they have offered the use of another of their rooms to hold an awareness session for local professionals.

We, I am incredibly touched by their generosity and support whilst we build ourselves up from the ground.

I, for one am incredibly thankful to them.

Unfortunately as with the other photos it is a recycled one, and haven’t been able to include all members, but he(Nat) won’t escape for Event Round up photos…


This is Sarah and Emily, Emily along with Nat (who I’ve yet to capture), are usually there to serve drinks at our sessions.

Sarah made the lovely bunting which you can see beside her.

Always smiley and very friendly.

Eleos Cafe, who were also crowned best cafe in the South West,

what a wonderful thing to achieve.

We really are so grateful for the things they have helped us to do.


Please stop by and grab a slice of cake and a drink.

(Did I mention they even do Allergy friendly cake?!)

Every one here and people who have donated will all get a mention on the night.

Plus in my round up blogs.

We just would like to go above and beyond for those who have for us.

I am going to mention our team again.

Julz Scott

Tracy Coath

Gemma Green

Sam Field.

From publicity to

raffle prize obtaining to

Band Booking

and Ticket Sales,

Food Preparation

to simply organising bales of straw to hopefully complete the look.

We’re looking forward to seeing the end result, enjoying a fun evening, with maybe a Pimms or two.

Will we do this again?

Are you Crazy?!

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Eighteen!

We have as little as four days until our Charity Barn Dance and “epic” raffle.

We have managed to raise a lot of awareness with our publicity, which as a new community group in Chard it has been really worth while.

As a Charity, Towards Tomorrow Together is such a fantastic cause, and certainly deserves the awareness.

Baby loss affects so many people, from all walks of life, all ages, any gestation. Nobody is immune.

Unfortunately it is the ultimate taboo, and can be really hard to get the work that baby bereavement charities do. It is a grief that can last a lifetime.

Lost memories.

Lost dreams.

An empty chair. 

Hope that was given only to be snatched away. 

The devastation that follows, lives on.

As a group – Little Daffodils, who are supported by the wonderful Towards Tomorrow Together aim to help pick up the pieces, to light up the most darkest of times.

To leave nobody alone.

Every single penny will go towards this support, to raise awareness and to also to teach professionals a unique type of empathy, that many parents of babies who die don’t see.

Every penny will go into supporting your friend, your daughter, your brother, your sibling.

We are grateful to the very kind donations we have received to complete our amazing raffle prize pile. So touched that people have listened and wanted to help.

Thank you.

Today we have

A4 Poster - General (1).jpg


This prize consists of tickets for Two Adults and Three children to gain entry to this fantastic location.

Situated in Sparkford, Somerset, being a charity themselves they took the time to donate this wonderful prize.

This itself is definitely worth buying a £1 raffle ticket!

If you don’t win, be sure to pay a visit, my children love it here, especially my avid transport fan son.

A chance to sit in some finest vintage vehicles, learn about the history of transport of days gone by.

I’m looking forward to visiting again.


Haynes Motor Museum

Huge thank you.
The Wet Wipe Diaries

I am the Mum. 

There was an article recently about parents, Mums who look at their phones too much in the playground.  

I am one of those Mums.  

I don’t miss their faces as they leave the class rooms, I see them smile at me as they leave their day behind. 

I’m the Mum who hides behind her screen, I’m a little on the shy side.  But I’ve heard the whispers, seen the avoidances.  

I’m the Mum with social anxiety which plays a part. I’m awkward. 

I’m the Mum that doesn’t always get an invite for a cuppa or to be part of the conversation.  

I’m the Mum who feels incredibly lonely in the playground. 

My phone makes me feel less alone. 

I’m the Mum who doesn’t make friends easily.  The one who wants to be your friend but doesn’t know how.  

I’m the Mum who is simply misunderstood and is actually really nice. 

Who just wants a natter and a cuppa. 

So don’t judge the Mums with the phones, speak to us instead. 

You may gain a friend.    
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Seventeen

I can’t believe there are only five days to go, though if I’m honest I’m not really thinking too much about the Barn Dance, more for the weeks ahead. Being our little girl’s birthday less than a week away, it is for us as her family an obvious hole, where we’re not doing last minute preparation, like other families would be when leading to a birthday, well like we do with her siblings.  

I’ve had such wonderful support from my online friends, well I say it again, they’re more than just online friends,  this past week, and I know they’ll be holding tight this next week and some too.  

This is indeed why a face to face group, one to one, communication is so important to parents who’ve lost their children,  when hope was taken, the road is long,  that there’s a friendly understanding face waiting to hold you up, while you pause for a moment to gather your thoughts and learn to breathe.  

Towards Tomorrow Together who support Little Daffodils who hold monthly meetings are such a fantastic cause, one day I hope no-one will feel alone.  
I’m here again to entice you for more tickets.  

We really don’t have many left.  I’d really like to see the back of them…  

We have 

Pure Hair and Beauty voucher, which entitles the winner to a back, next and shoulder massage.  

Perfect for the hard working people of Chard and surrounding areas.  A moment to relax, and be pampered. 

Thank you. 
Next we have 

A £10 voucher for Country Butchers of Holyrood Street,  a generous donation, at perfect timing ready for any Easter meats or for the promised heatwave that is on its way, get the BBQ meats from your very own local butchers. 

Thank you. 

Nearly there! 

The Wet Wipe Diaries. 

February Round Up Two

February Half Term

Today we have reached 2017’s 50th day. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been sharing a photograph a day, head over and see..

Day 50 of 2017 already!

Well, this one really should have been Round up Three. But Take two would have just been a report of sickness and poorly children.

All but baby C took to having sickness of some kind on the week before half term. Each having days off. I wasn’t well –  still and although the Mister escaped actual sickness and stomach flu, he too was under the weather.

Towards the end of that week, the seven week long (well for me) virus, finally faded. The Mister felt better and was able to collect raffle prizes for our event at the end of the month.

As you can see Round Two on its own would have been just as shit as the earlier weeks.

I’d wanted so much to leap into 2017 with the blog instead, tripped, stumbled and sneezed my way into the New Year.

I did manage an evening with this lovely lady.


Majorette errand, meant a few drinks, giggles and a flat car battery (her husband was DES).



This week  saw Valentine’s Day, so many moan about it is so commercialized, (History of Valentine’s) and if we love the person then you don’t need Valentine’s to do it. Well, step aside while the rest of us enjoy opening a parcel or two. No we don’t “need” a day, it is just nice, we can’t afford to spoil each other every day, like people would have you believe, so it is a good excuse to do so. I like spoiling my husband.. As he does me.

He brought me a Sloth!

He took the day off from work, but of course it wasn’t to be the romantic meal for two.


It involved a trip to soft play (In Half Term? Yeah, I know crazy, crazy people!)

We stopped in for lunch at the Bell in Yeovil, part of the hungry horse chain.

Nice food, but still no dairy free pudding! Disappointing.

Still, was a lovely day.

An outing friends took us to National Trust property, Barrington Court in Somerset.

No matter how many times we go to these places, we-they never seem to tire of the adventures there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see by the final photo, getting them all to sit nicely for a photo, is like nailing jelly to a tree..

We’d brought a lovely dress for this one from a charity shop, little something to boost her birthday pile.

The mistake being she was with us when I brought it, so she did  wear briefly, then Daddy took it away, and has hidden it well. The next day she wanted to wear it again, we said no, then attempted to find the bloody thing until I said that actually Daddy has worn it to work.

This was her response



It was very loud. She still believes days later that Daddy has now lost the dress at work.

Naughty Daddy..(Unfortunately I don’t have photographic evidence).

Saturday surprised us with reasonably nice weather, so took an impromptu visit to the beach, although it was chillier at the coast.

There’s a lovely new park in Seaton, I say new it’s refurbished and has probably been there a while.. But it is clean, tidy all equipment looked well looked after.

(Same goes for Seaton’s other park actually).

We took a short walk along the sea front, it was really lovely to take in some sea air. Hopefully it won’t be long until it’ll be a lot warmer, for longer days out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we returned home the three year old, stated

“I had a wonderful time”.


Stunning Beach.

Today, being the day before school was to sort School things out, then take the big ones to their Dad’s for a few days.

Not before a bit of camera fun at home.

Baby C, who has actually shot up suddenly over night, is turning into a right little comedian. There is never a dull moment, and she is following in her Drama Queen Sister’s footsteps.

Once the big ones had been dropped off, we snuck off and had a McDonald’s

Diet begins tomorrow.


I’ve been okay, mostly in the run up to her birthday, there have been days where it has felt heavy, but I’ve managed to talk it out to hubby or my friend from afar (fellow loss mama), dance it out or basically just grump it out.

Today, it dawned on me emotionally that a week from today it should have been her birthday. A living room full of presents and cards.

But instead it is a quick shop for a balloon next Saturday and a cake she’ll never eat.

It is wrong, on so many levels, I hate this.

The tears suddenly from nowhere appeared, was brief as I contained them, but the sadness of not being able to do anything “proper” for her birthday next week.

I know there are those who think why bother, M won’t know she is dead.

But we do. Don’t judge what you don’t understand.

Feel lucky that you don’t.

Five years ago today, I’d been to hospital twice the first time was to have a half day ‘MOT’, I was sent home only to return with regular contractions. Thankfully they had stopped.

I remember everything, just not everything about her…

If you follow, you’ll already know how shitty I feel this time of year.

Right now I want to shut myself away.


I’m out..

The Wet Wipe Diaries

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Sixteen

Six day until our great fundraising event.  In aid of a fantastic cause.  

Barn Dance featuring Ivor Hyde with a ploughman’s supper.  We’ve also our epic raffle taking place during the evening.  
Today’s prize reveal includes 

The Big Sheep tickets, which as you can see are worth £27.

This is a fantastic prize, at a location suitable for the whole family,  set in beautiful North Devon.  The perfect day out. 

Thank you. 

Next we have 

Tickets to our very own cinema here in Chard.  Showings are held in the guildhall, these tickets will entitle the winner to see March screening of Bridget Jones’ Baby.  I’ve yet to see this film, but have heard it is hilarious.  Stars the lovely McDreamy (GA fans will know..😉). 

Thank you. 

We’ve little raffle tickets left.  So get yours before they’re gone.  
The Wet Wipe Diaries 

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Fifteen


Yep that is right only SEVEN days until our Charity Barn Dance and Raffle.

With not many hands, and a couple of threats of event cancellations, we’re only a week a way until we can dance and be merry.

Have I told you there will be a bar?

Of course there will be, grab a cider to complete the Barn Dance look.

Do you have your checked shirts? boots? even a hat?

Don’t worry, neither have I…yet!

It isn’t compulsory, but it will add to the great atmosphere that will come with Ivor Hyde’s Barn Dance.



Is a Pecorama family ticket, which will admit two adults and two children in to their fantastic train centre.

Situated in Beer on the Devon Coast, we ourselves have been hear many times now and really love it.

There’s model railways, a train ride, soft play a theatre area which is named

‘Melody Close’

We visited the Summer after she died, and seeing her name in a wooden sign took us back a bit, but now each time we visit the children get a photo with the sign.

Sweet really.

Pecorama is home to some beautiful gardens, where you can sit and see the views of the sea, truly stunning and peaceful location.

Of course plenty of places to have a picnic.

Even if you’re not to win, it is a place which is value for money, lovely for the whole family.

The staff are friendly and will answer the children’s eager questions.

But be warned, there is a fantastic shop, even the adults won’t want to leave without a gift.

Finally they have a carriage that is now a cafe, stop buy and have some tea and cake.

Thank you Pecorama.

Don’t forget your Barn Dance Tickets and Raffle Tickets.

It is going to be a fabulous evening, looking forward to seeing you there.

The Wet Wipe Diaries

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Fourteen

Eight Days to go!

We have tickets available, which need homes, people we’d very like to see join us in a n evening of entertainment!


If you don’t know, why not?

We are holding a Barn Dance, in aid of Towards Tomorrow Together, who support Chard Group Little Daffodils.

Where two Mums from Little Daffodils joined forced with two local Mums, to do various little fundraisers to piece the Barn Dance Puzzle together. We’re here (well, almost), ready to host a fun evening of dance with a Ploughman’s Supper, a cuppa and our rather ‘epic’ raffle.

With prizes which include

A signed Bath Rugby Shirt,

Tickets to Woodlands Theme Park

A meal for two at Boston Tea Party,

Milky Way Tickets,

Cut Glass Vase,

East Lambrook Garden Entry tickets,

Yeovil Town Match Tickets

And a whole lot more. Almost 50!


Next for today we have..


As you can see from the picture it will entitle the winner to £10 to spend at Perry’s Cider in Dowlish Wake near Ilminster in Somerset.

Perfect for if you fancy lunch out and want somewhere different, nice amount to have spend there.

Thank you Perry’s.


All YOU have to do is purchase a £1 raffle ticket, or if you’re feeling really lucky you can purchase more… You could be in with a chance to win some of these amazing prizes.


The Wet Wipe Diaries

Barn Dance and Raffle Take Thirteen 

Nine Days to go.  We’re in single figures.  So very almost there.

Exciting and nervous too.  But I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I’ll be hoping to launch the date for our family friendly group on the night of the Barn Dance.  I’ve even managed to sort two very special guests to join in too.  I’m not sure which bit I’m more excited for.

This group, is another aspect of support we offer.  There are many families who have gone on to have children afterwards, and like us have children before,  so can’t always get someone to watch them of an evening to come to a group session.  Like us there are people who quite frankly can’t trust just anyone to have their precious children either.

So I was intending on starting a group at the beginning of the year but unfortunately I’ve been unwell, so had to postpone my plans.  Once a month there will be an opportunity for all parents of loss to come along, let the children play, whilst parents can get support or just sit and listen if they’re not ready to share.  It is to be a safe place where parents can feel less alone.  Or at least that is what I’d like to achieve.  This will be at St Mary’s.  Our original home to our evening group.

Just another example of what is in off through the charity, we’re working so hard on to make a perfect evening for lives that matter.
Next in our raffle range we have

Tickets for an Exeter Rugby Match.  I know many a Rugby fan who’d love this prize.  For only £1 a ticket it could be yours!
Next we have been given a child’s entry ticket to popular local attraction Fleet Air Arm Museum, a chance to see some of the finest air crafts, even see inside a prototype of concorde.

Superb prize.

Thank you.
The Wet Wipe Diaries